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Our mission:

To work for the satisfaction of our customers, the safety and well-being of our team members, the reduction of our ecological footprint and the performance of the company!

  • Innovate and respond to the growing food safety demands of our customers while preserving traditional recipes

  • Enable each of our customers to source long-life products with complete flexibility

  • Develop business relationships with partners by adapting to their export needs

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Our history:

Our story begins with supermarkets in the French islands during the '80s.

These establishments were looking for charcuterie products with long shelf lives so that they can be transported by boat. To meet this demand, the Lechef Premium Group relied on its various production sites to create specific product ranges designed for export.

Based on our success and our on-site presence, we have expanded our range of quality products to reflect the diversity of our tasty charcuteries.

Today, we share the richness of French gastronomy with the whole world.

Hello from our teams!

The LBI team from Brittany with bikes

In Britanny

The Brittany LBI team in front of jet-skis

In Brittany

Deli/charcuterie department of a supermarket

Around the world

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59 Rue de Scaër
29380 Bannalec
Bretagne, France

+33 2 98 39 45 80

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